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Spørgsmål? Ring på +45 25 44 36 01 eller send en mail til christian@severne.dk eller mikkel@severne.dk


ved Starboard
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A variation of the iconic GO series with more glide in non-planing conditions. The GO Windsurfer 175 and 195 also features a fully retractable daggerboard that makes it easier to stay upwind and learn to windsurf, while being more versatile from light to windy planing conditions. The shapes are carried-over, with their wide nose, long cut-aways, optimized profile and efficient rocker line. This together contributes to more glide, traction and ease of planing

A best-seller and our recommendation as a windsurfer’s first board.


Finally, this much requested model is made available within the GO Windsurfer range. The 165 size is the ideal entry-level and progressive board for smaller riders. Like the 175 and 195, the ‘Windsurfer’ variant of the GO has a retractable daggerboard and an elongated shape for a really nice traction and a nice glide before planing.

The GO Windsurfer 165, 175 and 195 use our Clipperbox daggerboard system that clicks in and out and can be removed without tools, by positioning the daggerboard at 45 degrees and pulling up. The water-sealing rubber lips are ultra-durable and can also be replaced without tools. Learning to windsurf with a daggerboard or centre fin makes it easier to stay upwind while providing additional roll stability.



The deck has a large soft EVA finish, comfortable for your feet, knees and elbows. You get the grip without the cuts or rashes.

The EVA deck is raised above the edges of the board to allow the water to flow freely around the board and jibe smoothly without drag.



The GO Windsurfer 165, 175 and 195 feature a nose carry handle, making them easy to carry for kids.

They also feature a center carry handle for easy carrying under arm by an adult.